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Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

Arika Noelle
Date of Birth: Feburary 14, 1988
Favourite Cosmetic: my eyeliner
Location: Carleton, Michigan
If you could live anywhere else?: Chicago
Why are you joining this community?: because im an aspiring porn star :) let me know if i'll make it!
Why do you think I should say yes to you? Because I'm a fun girl who enjoys pin-up girls
How would you benefit the community?: i would get a better understanding of what i would need to do to get into the lifestyle!
Single?: nope i have an amazing young boyfriend
Sexuality: bisexual
Do you think you’ll get accepted?: im hoping so, but its not that likely
Rate yourself on 1-10: 6
Rate how vain you are on 1-10: 5

List 5 bands that you really like:
+ Marilyn Manson
+ Hole
+ Jack Off Jill
+ Deftones
+ Elliott Smith

List 5 songs that you really like:
+ Mad World by Gary Jules
+ all mixed up by the Red House Painters
+ gravel by Ani Difranco
+ i lied my face off by Alkaline Trio
+ everlong by the Foo Fighters

List 5 movies that you really like, and what you like about them
+ Willy Wonka because its so drug influenced and derranged
+ Fight Club because it has such a twist ending
+ Donnie Darko because its just mad crazy
+ Alice In Wonderland because its a kids movie but has a ton of  philisophical meanings behind it
+ Pulp Fiction because its just really kick ass

5 reasons why you love me.
1.) you like pin-up girls
2.) you like coffee
3.) youre just cool for starting a community like this
4.) apparently youre into pain which i adore
5.) you like bettie page!

-For or Against?-
abortion: if you have a serious reason for not having a kid because you couldnt support it then im for it... if youre just some blown out whore then its your own fault and i laugh at you.
self mutilation: whatever works for you... some people have reasons and cutting is highly addictive and i honestly dont see what the big fuss is about.
drug use: i love drug use. it numbs your pain but brings some pretty bad results so it takes some relatively risky people to all of it.
depeche mode: i love depeche mode!!!! they have such a unique style which im all about.
gay/lesbian marriage: if you are attracted that much to the same sex then go for it.
slavery: depends on which kind i guess... i think the theory behind it is pretty fucked up but at the same time it would be cool to have a slave i suppose.
lesbian porn: lesbian porn kind of creeps me out eventhough im bisexual... i dont know why.... but im for it anyways.
gay porn: gay porn is cool all together... i love seeing guys bone eachother.

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