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Smiling warmly, his eyes look into yours adoringly...his thumb caresses your cheek before you feel his nails ever so lightly scrape down your jawbone, following his hand...he lifts your head slightly by your chin and you close your eyes instinctively as your lips meet his...licking your lip so slightly before moving away, he gets you to lean further into the kiss, you feel his teeth nip your bottom lip as you do...it is released as his soft lips press back into yours...his tongue seperating your lips, you feel his other hand raise to the back of your head...lightly grabbing your hair as the two tongues meet, their touches teasing and introductive at first...but they begin to dance as they become acquainted...the soft, slow kiss deepening...his hand drops from your chin and cascades down your body..slowly falling past your collar...over your breast so lightly...you feel his hand stops as it reaches your outer hip...the kiss ever so slowly becoming more innocent as his other hand follows suit of the first, stopping on the other side of your hip...he places a soft, sweet kiss on your lips..you open your eyes just in time to see him doing the same...his eyes full of love, they look at you as he says, "I love you baby, forever and always..."
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