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Real Eyes Realize Real Lies (See, I'm not a dumb fuck after all)

Name: Jenn
Date of Birth: 5.2.89
Favourite Cosmetic: Eyeliner or Sparklez
Location: Bainbridge Island, home of Bella and Madi *waves*
If you could live anywhere else?: New York. Modling Capital. I may have an ugly face, but I fit the phisical requirements for high fashion modling. I'm 5'10 and I wear a size 2 to 4. :)
Why are you joining this community?: Because Bella and Madi kick ass and if they don't accept me, I'll rape them. :)
Why do you think I should say yes to you? How would you benefit the community?: I would benefit by being a bitch and telling ugly/stupid people to get the fuck out. Also, I am a sadistic bitch and I know where the mods live. <3
Single?: Nope.
Sexuality: Bi. <3 cock, <3 pussy.
Do you think you’ll get accepted?: Yes. If I don't I'll be a brat and throw a fit. :(
Rate yourself on 1-10: 7
Rate how vain you are on 1-10: 9
List 5 bands that you really like:
+ Placebo
+ Muse
+ Marilyn Manson

List 5 songs that you really like:
+ Clear Morning --> Placebo
+ Faggot --> MSI
+ Toxic --> Britney Spears
+ The Bad Touch --> The Bloodhound Gang
+ Anarchy --> KMFDM

List 5 movies that you really like, and what you like about them
+ Fight Club - Just fucking watch it. It kicks so much ass.
+ Bonnie & Clyde - <3 Bank Robbers, and its just very well done.
+ Donnie Darko - If you don't adore this movie, you die.
+ Pulp Fiction - <333

5 reasons why you love me.
1.) You're Hella Cool.
2.) I'm dating your brother.
3.) You're extremely hot.
4.) I <3 your pussy. AS IN CAT, YOU PERV! XD (or is that what I mean...?)
5.) You have purple hair.

-For or Against?-
abortion: pro choice.
self mutilation: Against. Its pretty fucking emo. Yes, I realize I'm a hypocrite. :)
drug use: Drugs are bad. >.>
depeche mode: FOR!
gay/lesbian marriage: = t3h hot.
slavery: Only sex slavery. XD
madi: <333
lesbian porn: Hot.
gay porn: Hillarious. ^_^

And finally, post at least three or more clear pictures of you:

I'm a kitty. ^_^

Hahahaha. XD

I'm so emo.

<3 Glamour Barbie!

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