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Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

Date of Birth: October 27th, 1989
Favourite Cosmetic: I really like tampons.
Location: Seattle
If you could live anywhere else?: I would live in Heidlburg, Germany. It is one of the most beautiful cities in germany, and I've always wanted to live in germany. I love the culture, I love the language, and I love the people.
Why are you joining this community?: Because I want to see just how fucking irresistable I am.
Why do you think I should say yes to you? How would you benefit the community?: Because I'm taintedcunts sexy older brother.
Single?: No, taken by Jenn. <3
Sexuality: Strait...sorry.
Do you think you’ll get accepted?: Probably not, Bella hates me and Maddy is my sister.
Rate yourself on 1-10: 6
Rate how vain you are on 1-10: Instead lets rate the word "Vain" on my knowledge of the word on a scale of 1-10. 1.
List 5 bands that you really like:
Marilyn Manson
Nine Inch Nails
Foo Fighters

List 5 songs that you really like:
+Irresponsable Hate Anthem
+Date Rape
List 5 movies that you really like, and what you like about them
+Shawshank Redemption. It has a very good story line, and even with no fireball explosions, naked women, guns, war, etc, it still keeps me on the edge of my seat everytime.
+Aliens 2. Very funny movie, got to love Hudson. Action, Science Fiction appeal, aliens, gore, guns, explosions, Multi-role verticle lift off various orbit Vehicle with 932482930 nukes.
+Band of brothers. Emotional, 10 hours of non stop action, accurate depiction of ww2.
+Schindlers List. Very touching story, shows the reality of war, and the brutality of the nazis. Normally you just see a picture of a wiry jew whos starved, which doesnt convey much, but you get the full shock effect of it in this movie.
+Underworld. Hot vampire chicks with nice cars, and Heckler and Koch weapons. Hot chicks hot guns hot cars=win.

5 reasons why you love me.
1.) Your oh so pretty
2.) Your oh so funny
3.) You r0x
4.) I want to fuck you.
5.) Your moma's my moma
(of course, this was directed at maddy.)
-For or Against?-
abortion: For, its their body, its their right. Especially if they got raped or something
self mutilation: One of the most frustrating and saddening things to deal with, definatly against.
drug use: As long as it doesnt affect your life, IE you start stealing CD players and pawning them off for quick cash, even in class, not going to school for weeks at a time, failing school, etc.
depeche mode: <3 My dad introduced me to depeche mode, then I introduced Depeche Mode to Bella.
gay/lesbian marriage: Sure, as long as they leave me out of it.
slavery: There is happiness in slavery.
madi: My sister, hawt aint she
lesbian porn: A+ YAYAYAYOMG
gay porn: Eww...I'm intreagued. wait no, i mean ew..

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