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Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

Name: Kaysea
Date of Birth: Canton, Ohio
Favourite Cosmetic: Eyeliner...No Eyeshadow...No...Liner...oh fuck, both.
Location: Ohio
If you could live anywhere else?: California, or Toronto
Why are you joining this community?: I was invited and I think it looks pretty damn nifty
Why do you think I should say yes to you? How would you benefit the community?: I think you should say yes, there is only one of me, so this is a one time offer. Oh god, I'm sorry I'm so lame at trying to be funny.
Single?: Can we pretend that I am? I'm having problems with my relationship.
Sexuality: Anthrosexual
Do you think you’ll get accepted?: I never like to think wither I will or won't. I just like to see what others have to say, and hope for the best.
Rate yourself on 1-10: 8.9
Rate how vain you are on 1-10: I'm pretty fucking vain, so 10.
List 5 bands that you really like:
Alkaline Trio.
Type O Negative.
Oh and one more.. Orgy.

List 5 songs that you really like:
Vague - Orgy
Nazimova - MY RUIN
Drag King Bar- Bitch and Animal
Gone With The Sin - Him
Be My Druidness - Type O Negative

List 5 movies that you really like, and what you like about them
Heathers - I wish I could fucking kill some people off and pass it off it as suicide.
The Nightmare Before Christmas - It's such a cute movie
Quills - It's so dark, but so...I can't think of the's a dark love.
The Crow - It's so beautiful. And Brandon Lee was an amazing actor and person.
Rocky Horror Picture Show - I fucking laugh my ass off, it amuses me badly.

5 reasons why you love me.
Love who?

-For or Against?-
abortion: Undecied. I don't believe I would have one, but I can not stop you from having one. I don't really agree with it, but I still can't stop you, but I can talk to you about it.
self mutilation: I do it. I am a BRIGHT RED SCREAM. I'd rather not give my reasons why.
drug use: I do not like drugs. I don't like it when people I care about use them. I just don't understand and don't think they are needed.
depeche mode: I've only heard a few things by them.
gay/lesbian marriage: For. If I fall in love with a woman I want to marry her, and I would like my gay and lesbian friends to be able to be married also. Who the fuck thinks they have the right to tell you who you can and can't marry?
slavery: Fucking stupid. You're not like me so be my slave. I don't think so.
madi: excuse me? Madi?
lesbian porn: Haha, I like.
gay porn: Um...I like boys, but I just don't like to see their penis.

And finally, post at least three or more clear pictures of you:

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